First Impressions: Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji- Giants Among Men


In a world where only the horses tower above the great, best friends Naoe Kanetsugu and Maeda Keiji, sit in the moonlight, sip their sake, and reminisce about their glory days. Gifu Dodo!! in a surprising turn of events (for me at least), ended up with less action and more meandering which I actually didn’t mind. 

With characters reminiscent of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (still need to watch that) where many a character’s head is slightly dwarfed by their neck and body size, I had gone into the show thinking I was going to be thrown in the middle of an action oriented show with  blood and manly yelling taking up its screen time. Boy was I wrong. The episode starts with older versions of Kanetsugu and Keiji in some guy’s house explaining why one of them whacked the the poor sucker’s pillar with an ax. It then moves into their past, specifically the events immediately preceding when Kanetsugu officially meets Keiji for the first time. The pacing during the episode is slow which makes the episode a bit boring to watch, honestly. Though, once you get used to it, the slow pacing actually isn’t not too bad. The conversations, while not the most interesting, weren’t terribly boring either and the biwa playing near the end of the episode was pretty neat. There’s even a brief fight scene, though it doesn’t do much beyond show just how powerful the two are since it only takes them a few brief moments to take out the attackers.

gifudodo2 gifudodo3

Though we don’t get a real feel for Kanetsugu or Keiji’s personalities, I’m holding out that they’ll be as large as the people they belong to. I’ll admit that they weren’t exactly blowing me down with their charisma in this episode, but it is only the first one. Anywho, the glimpse that I got at their personalities is enough to perk my interest and convince me that in time I’ll come to at least like the two. I mean, they’re pretty cool to start with and even if that’s all they are for the remainder of the series, I will be a-okay.

Though I’m not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to historical anime and did find myself a bit lost at parts, I’m willing to give Gifu Dodo!! a shot. I’m actually kind of fond of the animation style, and I’m a sucker for story lines revolving around friendship. It may not be the best show Summer will put forth or even the most action oriented, if this first episode is any indication, but I think it’ll be a fun ride.

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