First Impressions: Chronicles of the Going Home Club- Please, go home.


Brothers Conflict was better.

The Going Home Club is essentially the usual cute-girls-doing-nothing show that is churned out season after season and tends to be a  flop. This episode introduces the cast, a grand total of 5 girls, with a focus on Natsuki, a girl who was unknowingly roped into joining the Going Home Club. The Club is basically an excuse for the girls to hang out and do random crap with each other like go feed pigeons. Though my expectations were pretty low going into the show, I’ll admit that I was surprised by how utterly boring and unfunny it turned out to be.

One of the main problems with the episode is that it tries to do a Nichijou type format where it is divided into several short segments that are focused around  a single event or conversation. The problem with this format is that it relies heavily on the quality of the skits to make it work. Unfortunately, The Going Home Club isn’t all that funny. Most of the jokes consist of Natsuki yelling her commentary about the absurd things her fellow club members say; her “funny” point was supposed to be her shock and disbelief. The rest rely on the quirks of the cast who, honestly, are boring and equally bad at carrying jokes. In truth, though, the skits themselves weren’t very funny or creative, with the worst offender being the one centering around that girl’s story regarding beating up different types of bears.

goinghome3 goinghome2

In terms of animation, Going Home Club  was slightly better. Nothing looked too terrible, although the first few minutes of the show did have an annoying tendency of using a feathered white background in some shots for no apparent reason. Character designs were also okay even if Natsuki’s ahoge was ridiculously large and the club president reminded me a bit of Rin from Kodomo no Jikan.

In the end, the only thing that impressed me about Going Home Club is that it was as terrible as it was. As a comedy, it fails in the sense that it can’t tell a good joke to save it’s life. Truth be told, the show probably would have been better ending at the first joke ending. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch this because it really is a waste of time. If you want cute girls doing cutesy stuff, go watch Kiniro Mosaic which is actually really good.

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