Winter Season Preview

919496-bigthumbnail Man, it feels like just yesterday that I was hurriedly cranking out that Fall season post, with my many mental promises to watch everything I wanted to. Well, just like those bright and colorful fall leaves, those dreams were dead from the start and blew away in the wind of school pretty quickly. As most of the twelve episode shows are finishing up though, it’s probably time to get my butt moving on those, especially Girls und Panzer which is turning out to be be pretty well recieved. Looks can be deceiving! Oh that’s right, Winter Season. Well, to say the least, this season looks a bit lacking. There are a few shows that look like they might be alright, but the majority isn’t too promising. For many, myself included, looks like this season will be a time to curl up beside our hypothetical fireplaces with the snow softly falling (except here in SoCal of course) and catch up on our backlogs…or do other stuff.

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