First Impressions: Amnesia- Ship Away, my friends, Ship Away


Ah~ Phyllis’ favorite face

*Since Heroine doesn’t have a name and I don’t want to refer to her as Heroine, I have, after great thought, picked out a name that I think fits her quite well: Phyllis.*

I did it! I watched the episode without falling asleep! This is a true feat, worthy of a yogurt cap medal because I swear, besides me trying to figure out who I liked best, nothing happened during this episode. In terms of boredom, I wasn’t as offended as I was by Problem Children, but still. I suppose a large part of the small amount of enjoyment I took from the episode stems almost completely from having read this really informative and fun post regarding the various routes in the otome game. Thanks to the article, I went in already have a basic knowledge of where the story could go and of what might potentially happen during the course of series depending on who she picks. This really helped me out in terms of trying to figure out which guy the show was likely to favor more in terms of future route. Continue reading

First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba – So There’s this goat…

…and he sings the ED and does a cute little dance and that is why you should watch the show. Did I mention he eats money? No? Well he does.

Okay, so, in all honesty, I doubt this show actually appeals to that many people. Most of the initial reactions I saw gave me the impression that they weren’t exactly left gasping for air at the end of the premiere episode, and neither was I. However, I think the show is more entertaining than it’s given credit for. Continue reading

Maoyu, Kotoura-San, and Problem Children…

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Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?