Fall Season Impressions: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Ah, good ol’ Kyoto Animation bringing us some what they do best – cute girls doing cute stuff with a snarky/jaded male in tow. Not that I’m complaining though. I’ve been a fan of Kyoto Animation since my early anime says (not that that’s saying much though). Although a large part of my love for the studio can be attributed to their great animation, those moronically cute girls they’re fond of sticking in their series win me over every time. And, gosh darn it, I’ve been pulled in yet again by this charming slice of life about those afflicted with Chuunibyou, or Eighth Grader’s Syndrome

Our main character Yuuta once suffered from this affliction which requires a great imagination and a surprising amount of devoting, claiming to be the Dark Flame Master. While he was fully immersed in his own world, he became somewhat of a social outcast during his middle school years due to his prevailing status as a weirdo. Flash forward to the present and Yuuta is desperately trying to escape his past embarrassment by trying as hard as he can to be “normal,” though his plans are somewhat spoiled when Rikka, a girl still suffering from Chuunibyou, befriends him. Continue reading

Summer Season First Impressions Part 2

And here it is! I know you all were waiting with bated breath for this second part.

*Will be updated as I watch

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Dog Days Dash: Continue reading

Summer Season First Impressions Part 1

*I’ve decided to split this into two parts so that the post isn’t monstrously large (I only do those for “Final Thoughts” posts ;D)  since I’m “First Impression”ing more than I thought I was*

Since I would like for this blog to be considered a somewhat reputable blog, I’ve decided that I should join all the other cool kids and blog stuff as it airs….Just Kidding! I’ve actually tried to do that before but I fell behind and then forgot and then it looked really weird, so I’ve decided I’ll go half-way with these first impression posts(maybe if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll be like a normal person and do the weekly gig). I’ll probably do half-way posts too. Enjoy!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous:

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Thriller Bark Arc ~Finished

Bink’s Sake (because I love this song)

Welp, I finally finished the Thriller Bark Arc! While I mentioned earlier it was dragging a bit, the ending made it all worth it.

Real quick before I go on since this is my first real post about One Piece, I would like to say that, in the case of the anime, while the filler is pretty unfun when it comes around and I tend not to enjoy it that much because it tends to happen in the middle of an arc (coughEniesLobyArccough), I think that the main story is really interesting and I’ve come to love it alot. I love this show because it has a really charismatic group of characters and an unbelievably creative setting that can, really, go anywhere. I’ve come to love and admire the Strawhat Pirates a great deal since I think they’re a great group of people and I think the loyalty they have is really amazing. I almost can’t believe I almost missed out on this series, which I’ve come to love, just because the animation is a little iffy early on. I really recommend this series a lot to anyone who likes shounen the least bit.

Moving on…Well, after slogging my way through that terrible Ice Hunter Arc, I was pretty happy to finally be getting back to the actual story. Continue reading