Cheers to the First Year and Moving Up

first birthday

On this day, one year ago, this blog was born. T’was a wee thing, unsure of itself and its future. Now, twelve months later, it quietly rejoices a year of somewhat regular blogging, and looks forward to many more.

Honest to heck when I started this blog a year ago, I never thought it’d be where it is today. I’m not saying it’s necessarily reached any great heights, but it has 15 lovely followers, a number that I never dreamed it would have, and actually has comments and likes. This blog has helped me discover some great people and come out of my Internet shell a bit more. Though 41 posts may seem a bit pitiful, it’s more, actually, than I thought I’d ever be able to do in a year, and it’s a number I definitely want to beat next year.

Speaking of the dreaded second year, I doubt my blog will meet it’s maker then. Though my 5 AP’s will, doubtless, be eating up a great part of my senior year of high school, I don’t plan to let “Amateur Rambling” slowly fade away. For Year 2, I want to try even harder. I want to try my hand at more editorial type posts and write more about manga (and One Piece). I want to give my precious 15 followers and anyone else who finds this blog entertaining enough to glance at off and on, something to look at.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who reads/has read my blog and I want to say that I plan to keep moving forward and make this blog better and better (hopefully).

To another year,



Three Broken Bones and Ten Knee Staples Later

Scroll on past if you don’t like sentimental posts (;__; sorry guys)

You see, I have atrocious luck, especially when it comes to walking and stupidly thinking I can finish annotating novels the day before they are due. I’ve broken three bones (elbow twice leaving a beautiful scar going up the length of my left arm and my right wrist once) throughout my sixteen years of life. I’ve once had a nosebleed so bad my teacher called me the next day to ask me if my nose was broken (it wasn’t). Oh, and this this past May I slipped down a dirt hill and jumped a mini wall, landing gracefully on my knee and earning me a glorious prize of ten staples. As for the annotating bit, I always end up thinking I finish annotating books the day before they are due, and then this year I realized that I can’t when I was up all night and still didn’t finish. Overall, my luck sucks…mainly due to my own stupidity, but that’s another topic all together.

Well, I think the Guy Upstairs realizes this sometimes and bestows me with amazing instances of luck and happiness. Examples would be that I am in a surrounded by people now who I can relate to and who can put up with me in my more…ungraceful moments, I have anime in my life (completely serious which probably says too much about my life in general T_T), and I actually have followers for this blog (;D). More recently, I was offered to join a blog by the name of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses as an anime reviewer, and I accepted. I almost feel like now I have something really terrible coming up to cancel out such an amazing stroke of luck. Aha…let’s hope not.

I started reading aniblogs a few years ago and always thought that having a blog was super cool because it looked cool, hence the eventual creation of this blog and my realization that it’s not all daisies and roses. Even now, though, I love reading aniblogs and creeping through browsing through their old posts since I think that I can learn something from reading their posts that will help me improve my writing. I’m also a simple person and like to read about people’s opinions. Honestly speaking, when I started this blog I would have been happy to have one like on one post, and maybe, if I’m super lucky, a follower or two. Well, now I have several liked posts and a few followers which is something that I’m super grateful for (Big thank-you to the people who follow me and read a post every now and then). Being a part of OASG now (and I am desperately hoping no one from there is reading this), is one of those things that I would never think to happen to someone like me, but oddly enough has. To not jinx it, I’ll just say that I’m really happy to be there and I hope that I can be a useful member.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though my luck sucks, I guess it pays off sometimes. All the blood, sweat, and tears were totally worth it, guys! T_T

So, on a quick note about posting from now on, my posts here will probably be fewer and more far in between than before since I’m going to try to pump out a review a week and be a good team blogger. However, I’m also planning to “spice” things up with a few more general posts that won’t be a “Final Thoughts” post or update post because I need to work on my sense of Internet humor, as you can all see.