Like All the Cool Kids (Fall Preview)

*Insert Pretty Picture to Draw People In*

As the curtain begins to fall on the summer season, the time has come to eagerly await  the upcoming fall season.

Since I’ve always admired them from afar, now that I have my own blow I thought I’d try out those cool looking “Season Preview” posts that I’ve seen other bloggers diligently put together. Even though it was a lot of work and took me forever, putting this together was pretty fun and I enjoyed doing it. Even though I was planning to put these in some sort of order, getting this out as soon as possibly trumps that, so everything’s pretty jumbled up. To be honest, though, since I have a pretty hopeful outlook regarding most shows a ranking probably would have been a pain in the butt. I tried my hardest to include all the shows on the season preview chart and to give some thoughts on each.

As for this upcoming fall season in general, I think it has a lot of potential. There are a few shows that have potential to set themselves a part from the rest, and few that look like they’ll by, at the least, an entertaining watch. Personally, though, I’m pretty excited for the shoujo adaptations coming out because I don’t think that enough good ones have been adapted. Overall, I have pretty high hopes for this season and I think it could possibly churn out a a few gems…and perhaps a few train wrecks.

While it may not be the best preview ever, I hope you enjoy skimming  reading through it. Continue reading

Three Broken Bones and Ten Knee Staples Later

Scroll on past if you don’t like sentimental posts (;__; sorry guys)

You see, I have atrocious luck, especially when it comes to walking and stupidly thinking I can finish annotating novels the day before they are due. I’ve broken three bones (elbow twice leaving a beautiful scar going up the length of my left arm and my right wrist once) throughout my sixteen years of life. I’ve once had a nosebleed so bad my teacher called me the next day to ask me if my nose was broken (it wasn’t). Oh, and this this past May I slipped down a dirt hill and jumped a mini wall, landing gracefully on my knee and earning me a glorious prize of ten staples. As for the annotating bit, I always end up thinking I finish annotating books the day before they are due, and then this year I realized that I can’t when I was up all night and still didn’t finish. Overall, my luck sucks…mainly due to my own stupidity, but that’s another topic all together.

Well, I think the Guy Upstairs realizes this sometimes and bestows me with amazing instances of luck and happiness. Examples would be that I am in a surrounded by people now who I can relate to and who can put up with me in my more…ungraceful moments, I have anime in my life (completely serious which probably says too much about my life in general T_T), and I actually have followers for this blog (;D). More recently, I was offered to join a blog by the name of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses as an anime reviewer, and I accepted. I almost feel like now I have something really terrible coming up to cancel out such an amazing stroke of luck. Aha…let’s hope not.

I started reading aniblogs a few years ago and always thought that having a blog was super cool because it looked cool, hence the eventual creation of this blog and my realization that it’s not all daisies and roses. Even now, though, I love reading aniblogs and creeping through browsing through their old posts since I think that I can learn something from reading their posts that will help me improve my writing. I’m also a simple person and like to read about people’s opinions. Honestly speaking, when I started this blog I would have been happy to have one like on one post, and maybe, if I’m super lucky, a follower or two. Well, now I have several liked posts and a few followers which is something that I’m super grateful for (Big thank-you to the people who follow me and read a post every now and then). Being a part of OASG now (and I am desperately hoping no one from there is reading this), is one of those things that I would never think to happen to someone like me, but oddly enough has. To not jinx it, I’ll just say that I’m really happy to be there and I hope that I can be a useful member.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though my luck sucks, I guess it pays off sometimes. All the blood, sweat, and tears were totally worth it, guys! T_T

So, on a quick note about posting from now on, my posts here will probably be fewer and more far in between than before since I’m going to try to pump out a review a week and be a good team blogger. However, I’m also planning to “spice” things up with a few more general posts that won’t be a “Final Thoughts” post or update post because I need to work on my sense of Internet humor, as you can all see.

Spa Island Arc ~ Finished

Well, this arc actually wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it as going to be. I thought the main foe would be Foxy, who I honestly don’t really care that much for. However, I was really happy to see that he was defeated pretty quickly and without too much of a hassle. Same went for the main villain. Although he was pretty obvious and not overly exciting, his bit wasn’t dragged out and he was defeated in a timely fashion.

As for the filler characters, I thought that the two sisters were pretty likable. I thought that their back story did a good job of showing how they loved their dad, yet at the same time were sometimes frustrated with him because of his absentmindedness and constant absence due to his research. The end to their story was cute, too.

Overall, I enjoyed the Spa Island Arc because it was a good example of what filler arcs should be: short and sweet. I actually ended up enjoying it a great deal more than I thought I would and am glad that it didn’t turn out too bad.

In addition to the Spa Island Arc, there was also an episode on Brook and his insecurities about being a part of the Straw Hat crew after reading about their many adventures around the Grand Line. Continue reading

Summer Season First Impressions Part 2

And here it is! I know you all were waiting with bated breath for this second part.

*Will be updated as I watch

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Dog Days Dash: Continue reading

Summer Season First Impressions Part 1

*I’ve decided to split this into two parts so that the post isn’t monstrously large (I only do those for “Final Thoughts” posts ;D)  since I’m “First Impression”ing more than I thought I was*

Since I would like for this blog to be considered a somewhat reputable blog, I’ve decided that I should join all the other cool kids and blog stuff as it airs….Just Kidding! I’ve actually tried to do that before but I fell behind and then forgot and then it looked really weird, so I’ve decided I’ll go half-way with these first impression posts(maybe if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll be like a normal person and do the weekly gig). I’ll probably do half-way posts too. Enjoy!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous:

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Thriller Bark Arc ~Finished

Bink’s Sake (because I love this song)

Welp, I finally finished the Thriller Bark Arc! While I mentioned earlier it was dragging a bit, the ending made it all worth it.

Real quick before I go on since this is my first real post about One Piece, I would like to say that, in the case of the anime, while the filler is pretty unfun when it comes around and I tend not to enjoy it that much because it tends to happen in the middle of an arc (coughEniesLobyArccough), I think that the main story is really interesting and I’ve come to love it alot. I love this show because it has a really charismatic group of characters and an unbelievably creative setting that can, really, go anywhere. I’ve come to love and admire the Strawhat Pirates a great deal since I think they’re a great group of people and I think the loyalty they have is really amazing. I almost can’t believe I almost missed out on this series, which I’ve come to love, just because the animation is a little iffy early on. I really recommend this series a lot to anyone who likes shounen the least bit.

Moving on…Well, after slogging my way through that terrible Ice Hunter Arc, I was pretty happy to finally be getting back to the actual story. Continue reading

What I’m Watching Now

Since I haven’t finished any series in awhile, although I’m super close to finishing one or two on this list. I decided that in order to keep up the impression that this blog is semi-reliable in terms of posting, I’ll post these update things on what I’m currently watching…just for fun basically.

Now, as for watch I’m watching, I’m actually watching/keeping up with quite a few things, a lot of them airing which pleases me immensely. The reason behind this being that I usually keep up with airing series until about the mid-way point at which point I tend to become lazy and push it off until it’s finished airing and is now sadly sitting on my “Watching” list, taunting me. This season though, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my chosen weekly series (I say chosen because I actually wanted to watch a crap ton more stuff that was airing this season, but was smart and only got myself addicted to a select few.). Although, I’m sad to say, that I did end up giving up a bit on Kuro no Baske and Sankarea, both of which I plan to get my butt started on again…soon…

Anywho, for those who care, here’s what I’m currently watching: Continue reading