Spa Island Arc ~ Finished

Well, this arc actually wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it as going to be. I thought the main foe would be Foxy, who I honestly don’t really care that much for. However, I was really happy to see that he was defeated pretty quickly and without too much of a hassle. Same went for the main villain. Although he was pretty obvious and not overly exciting, his bit wasn’t dragged out and he was defeated in a timely fashion.

As for the filler characters, I thought that the two sisters were pretty likable. I thought that their back story did a good job of showing how they loved their dad, yet at the same time were sometimes frustrated with him because of his absentmindedness and constant absence due to his research. The end to their story was cute, too.

Overall, I enjoyed the Spa Island Arc because it was a good example of what filler arcs should be: short and sweet. I actually ended up enjoying it a great deal more than I thought I would and am glad that it didn’t turn out too bad.

In addition to the Spa Island Arc, there was also an episode on Brook and his insecurities about being a part of the Straw Hat crew after reading about their many adventures around the Grand Line. Continue reading

Thriller Bark Arc ~Finished

Bink’s Sake (because I love this song)

Welp, I finally finished the Thriller Bark Arc! While I mentioned earlier it was dragging a bit, the ending made it all worth it.

Real quick before I go on since this is my first real post about One Piece, I would like to say that, in the case of the anime, while the filler is pretty unfun when it comes around and I tend not to enjoy it that much because it tends to happen in the middle of an arc (coughEniesLobyArccough), I think that the main story is really interesting and I’ve come to love it alot. I love this show because it has a really charismatic group of characters and an unbelievably creative setting that can, really, go anywhere. I’ve come to love and admire the Strawhat Pirates a great deal since I think they’re a great group of people and I think the loyalty they have is really amazing. I almost can’t believe I almost missed out on this series, which I’ve come to love, just because the animation is a little iffy early on. I really recommend this series a lot to anyone who likes shounen the least bit.

Moving on…Well, after slogging my way through that terrible Ice Hunter Arc, I was pretty happy to finally be getting back to the actual story. Continue reading

What I’m Watching Now

Since I haven’t finished any series in awhile, although I’m super close to finishing one or two on this list. I decided that in order to keep up the impression that this blog is semi-reliable in terms of posting, I’ll post these update things on what I’m currently watching…just for fun basically.

Now, as for watch I’m watching, I’m actually watching/keeping up with quite a few things, a lot of them airing which pleases me immensely. The reason behind this being that I usually keep up with airing series until about the mid-way point at which point I tend to become lazy and push it off until it’s finished airing and is now sadly sitting on my “Watching” list, taunting me. This season though, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my chosen weekly series (I say chosen because I actually wanted to watch a crap ton more stuff that was airing this season, but was smart and only got myself addicted to a select few.). Although, I’m sad to say, that I did end up giving up a bit on Kuro no Baske and Sankarea, both of which I plan to get my butt started on again…soon…

Anywho, for those who care, here’s what I’m currently watching: Continue reading