Jormungand Final Thoughts

OP, ED 1, ED 2

Jormungand ended up being my surprise watch of the season, as well as my first completed seasonal anime in a while. I don’t even remember why I picked it up, actually. It was probably because I was bored and I had already watched my regulars for the week. I blew through what was there pretty quickly and only had to deal with waiting for the last two episodes, and I have to say, it was a pretty fun watch, although it did tend to did get a little¬†repetitive in the sense that Koko’s team was unbelievably effective and unstoppable.

Jormungand is about the dealings (badum chshhhh, not funny I know) of an arms dealer, Koko Hekmatyar, and her bodyguards who are made up of a mish mash of people. The story starts with her bringing in her newest member, a skilled child solider named Jonah who has a deep hatred for arms dealers because they caused the death of his parents. Continue reading