Final Thoughts – There She Is!! (ONA)


There She Is!! is a five episode Korean flash that I watched about two years ago. Since I was feeling a bit nostalgic and the show is pretty short, I decided to see how well it’s held up. As it turns out, it proved to be as sweet and fun to watch as it was the first time.

The story follows the relationship between a female rabbit, Doki, and a male cat, Nabi, who she falls in love with at first sight. Though Nabi who initially tries to avoid and resist Doki’s extravagant shows of love, he eventually gives in and goes on a date with her, discovering that he, too, had fallen just a bit for the cheerful rabbit. This is all fine and dandy, but what really makes these shorts pop are the societal reactions to their relationship and how Nabi deals with them. In their society of rabbits and cats, Nabi and Doki’s intermingling is severely frowned upon as the majority views such a relationship as socially unacceptable. The last two episodes deal almost exclusively with the growing number of problems that pop up for the two as they try to be a regular couple in a society that sees them as abnormal and wrong.

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Fall Season Impressions: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Ah, good ol’ Kyoto Animation bringing us some what they do best – cute girls doing cute stuff with a snarky/jaded male in tow. Not that I’m complaining though. I’ve been a fan of Kyoto Animation since my early anime says (not that that’s saying much though). Although a large part of my love for the studio can be attributed to their great animation, those moronically cute girls they’re fond of sticking in their series win me over every time. And, gosh darn it, I’ve been pulled in yet again by this charming slice of life about those afflicted with Chuunibyou, or Eighth Grader’s Syndrome

Our main character Yuuta once suffered from this affliction which requires a great imagination and a surprising amount of devoting, claiming to be the Dark Flame Master. While he was fully immersed in his own world, he became somewhat of a social outcast during his middle school years due to his prevailing status as a weirdo. Flash forward to the present and Yuuta is desperately trying to escape his past embarrassment by trying as hard as he can to be “normal,” though his plans are somewhat spoiled when Rikka, a girl still suffering from Chuunibyou, befriends him. Continue reading

Inu x Boku SS Special Final Thoughts


I tend to stay away from specials because they are usually random shorts, slice of life and comedic in nature, that I don’t particularly care about. However, I do watch the occasional special if I liked a series a lot and am looking for more. Although Inu x Boku SS isn’t my favorite series, the special didn’t look too bad and it looked like it had some more of the couple moments that I was so pleasantly surprised by in the series. This special follows the same type of format I described earlier (random, comedic, slice of life), but I found myself enjoying the little shorts and seeing some characters again that I genuinely liked in the series. Continue reading