First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba – So There’s this goat…

…and he sings the ED and does a cute little dance and that is why you should watch the show. Did I mention he eats money? No? Well he does.

Okay, so, in all honesty, I doubt this show actually appeals to that many people. Most of the initial reactions I saw gave me the impression that they weren’t exactly left gasping for air at the end of the premiere episode, and neither was I. However, I think the show is more entertaining than it’s given credit for. Continue reading

Inu x Boku SS Special Final Thoughts


I tend to stay away from specials because they are usually random shorts, slice of life and comedic in nature, that I don’t particularly care about. However, I do watch the occasional special if I liked a series a lot and am looking for more. Although Inu x Boku SS isn’t my favorite series, the special didn’t look too bad and it looked like it had some more of the couple moments that I was so pleasantly surprised by in the series. This special follows the same type of format I described earlier (random, comedic, slice of life), but I found myself enjoying the little shorts and seeing some characters again that I genuinely liked in the series. Continue reading