Fall Season Impressions (Ixion Saga, BTOOOM!, The Pet Girl…)


Now that most of the shows for fall season have aired and are each at the titular two to three episode place, I decided that this would probably be a good point to put these out. Last year I did my impressions based on the first episode, but this year partly because I don’t have a lot of time and partly because I think this works better in terms of me having an idea on how much I like a show and how am likely I am  to continue it.  As with last season, there will be several, (hopefully) easier to digest parts.

-Note: Some impressions will be on Orgsag-

Ixion Saga DT 

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Like All the Cool Kids (Fall Preview)

*Insert Pretty Picture to Draw People In*

As the curtain begins to fall on the summer season, the time has come to eagerly await  the upcoming fall season.

Since I’ve always admired them from afar, now that I have my own blow I thought I’d try out those cool looking “Season Preview” posts that I’ve seen other bloggers diligently put together. Even though it was a lot of work and took me forever, putting this together was pretty fun and I enjoyed doing it. Even though I was planning to put these in some sort of order, getting this out as soon as possibly trumps that, so everything’s pretty jumbled up. To be honest, though, since I have a pretty hopeful outlook regarding most shows a ranking probably would have been a pain in the butt. I tried my hardest to include all the shows on the season preview chart and to give some thoughts on each.

As for this upcoming fall season in general, I think it has a lot of potential. There are a few shows that have potential to set themselves a part from the rest, and few that look like they’ll by, at the least, an entertaining watch. Personally, though, I’m pretty excited for the shoujo adaptations coming out because I don’t think that enough good ones have been adapted. Overall, I have pretty high hopes for this season and I think it could possibly churn out a a few gems…and perhaps a few train wrecks.

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