First Impressions: Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji- Giants Among Men


In a world where only the horses tower above the great, best friends Naoe Kanetsugu and Maeda Keiji, sit in the moonlight, sip their sake, and reminisce about their glory days. Gifu Dodo!! in a surprising turn of events (for me at least), ended up with less action and more meandering which I actually didn’t mind.  Continue reading

The “What if” Question

the what if question

For the first few years, at least, the Natsume household goes about its day to day life peacefully. The house is small, but it’s warm. Though his mother passed away soon after he was born, Takashi is happy living with his father. Throughout his childhood they often sit on the porch admiring the flowers his mother planted before she died; they bloom year after year, lighting up the garden with their color, a constant reminder of the love of the person they both lost. Sometimes he misses her presence, but keeps it to himself, silently treasuring the picture of his parents his father gave him.

As Takashi grows older, he starts taking greater notice of the small monsters that have been a constant part of his childhood. His father doesn’t doubt him when he tells him about them; if he does, he doesn’t let on. When Takashi goes to school, his father helps him learn to keep his ability a secret so he can try to live a normal school life; it’s not always easy, but Takashi is content with someone believing in what he sees. Though his father worries when he sometimes sees Takashi come home with his clothes dirtied or when he startles at something only he can see, he always welcomes him back with a smile, no questions asked. Eventually, Takashi’s father tells him Reiko, Takashi’s grandmother, and about her own ability to see what Takashi can. Sometimes, when he feels particularly alone, Takashi will think back to her, wishing that he had had the chance to meet the person who could understand him the most.

Despite his small bouts of loneliness, Takashi has learned kindness and is happy with the people he has come to know, friends and family alike. He doesn’t hate the monsters he sees and will sometimes try to help out the ones that approach him, though he’s also learned to be weary having been attacked more than once. He’s not the strongest person, so he lives his life quietly, treasuring the memories he makes with others, knowing that there may come a day where he won’t come home. He’s afraid of hurting those around if that day comes, but, until then, he’ll try to live happily and return the happiness he has been given.

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Summer 2013 Preview


Summer, the season of hot weather, frigid houses and playing catch-up. I typically spend Summer cooped up in my house reading books, watching anime, and sleeping, blissfully lazing my summer away. This is the season where I usually manage to watch shows week to week instead of saying I will and then forgetting about them. Miraculously, I managed to finish 2 last year, so here’s to hoping I’ll be able to top that this year. Though I went in thinking this season wasn’t too spectacular, after looking at the chart and crossing off all the stuff I won’t watch, there’s actually a decent number of shows left that look like they could be entertaining.

As usual, I hope you all read/skim through and enjoy. Please don’t be afraid to comment and tell me what you all think of the season and what you’re planning to watch or not watch.

*Note: Not included-sequels to shows I haven’t watched, movies, OVAs

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2013 MRC: First Volume Impressions: Mousou Elektel

Mousou Elektel

The further I delve into the world of BL, the more I’m discovering that beyond the few really good ones that go through the hassle of developing their characters, most tend to focus on, and relish in, the sex. Even the good ones, save maybe one or two that I’ve read so far, have their fair share of it. In this sense, Mousou Elektel, though relatively tame by yaoi standards, doesn’t really deviate from the usual yaoi approach to romance with more emphasis on sexy time rather than bonding/normal stuff time. Continue reading

Remembering Love- Mukya! (Part 1)


May, the season of flowers and fires (if you live in SoCal). It’s also the season of ~love~. The Let Us Remember Love project where bloggers talk about anime that holds special places in their hearts is taking place this month for four Sundays, and I decided to take some (more) time off from studying and share some love for my favorite series.

I watched Nodame Cantabile for the first time about four years ago, way back when I was only starting to get into anime/manga. As the brilliant 12/13 year old I was, chances are I only picked the show because of the romance tag. Though Nodame and Chiaki do admittedly rank among my favorite anime couples, the show definitely goes beyond and succeeds at much more than just the romance. Continue reading