Abridged Season Preview

fall 2013

Hey all! It’s been a while since my last post, I know. I’m sure you were all getting ready to pass this blog off as dead or dying, but ya can’t get rid of me that easily (I hope)!

Since I don’t have a ton of time right now, but I still want to post something if only to pump some life back into the blog, I decided to cheat a bit in terms of my season preview. Instead of my usual lengthy post full of my special brand of rambly, I just wrote on the Fall chart instead (an idea I stole from Draggle’s Anime Blog EDIT: emperorj, apparently). It was fun, but probably not something I’ll do on a regular basis since I quite like talking for a while about the various seasonal shows. Anywho, onto the preview!

I hope you all enjoy my great tablet powered cursive…and the words too, I guess (I can clarify if you’re dying to know what anything says and can’t read it):

(click to enlarge)

fallv4Quick notes on the colors and season:

Red is for the stuff I probably won’t be touching it; green is for the stuff I’m really looking forward to; the tan-yellow is for commenting on everything else with the okay looking stuff circled in yellow.

Overall, the season looks pretty okay. I know the chart isn’t exactly covered in green, but there are a couple of shows that look like they could be really fun to watch. In the end, this will probably turn out like most seasons these days with a few good to really good show and a handful of simply entertaining ones.

Also, feel free to comment below on what shows you’re looking forward to, getting ready to hate, etc.

4 thoughts on “Abridged Season Preview

  1. I’ve heard White Album 2 is separate from White Album 1. So your excuse that no S1 can’t fly as they’re not the same!

    Other than that, good luck with Outbreak Company xD

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