First Impressions: Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 – Girls and Guns…Sort of


Instead of a prince, all this Cinderella wants is to shine in her own way.

Though I went into C3-bu not expecting much, I have to say, I’m quite happy with what I got. It probably won’t end up being the best of the season, but it has a surprisingly promising start with a main character that I find myself relating to and a fight that was fun to watch.

The episode mainly deals with Yura, a high school freshman, who is excited about her acceptance into Stella’s Women’s Academy because she sees it as a way for her to start over. Her school life doesn’t exactly start out as planned when she is cajoled into joining the C3 club, a unique club where its members often engage in airsoft fights with each other. Although she initially brushes the club off and isn’t sure about wanting to get involved, after witnessing its members in action and participating in one of their fights, she finds that she wouldn’t mind being a member of the odd little club.

Though the episode is alright overall, there were a few things that bugged me. First off, the C3 members kept pushing the idea that the only people who would join their club were those who were a bit “weird” or “abnormal.” They’re continued insistence on this idea irked me for two reasons: the first being that it was an idea that was pushed way too often; I was tired of hearing about how only “weird” people would join their club. Secondly, I thought that the notion was a bit insulting, especially after it was repeated so much. That aside, another issue I had with the episode is that it doesn’t handle comedy too well. Much of what was supposed to be funny wasn’t, mostly because the jokes were pushed too enthusiastically and were the same ones. That’s mainly the fault C3’s club members who were a bit annoying to watch, though they do improve later on once they get “serious”.


Negatives aside, there were some things that I ended up really liking about the episode. I suppose what stood out to me the most was how much I related to our heroine, Yura. I’m not sure if shyness or something else is her issue, but regardless, Yura wants to reinvent herself because she wants to fit into a group of friends and shine a bit more, but is afraid to take that spotlight and even more afraid that she’ll never change. Strangely enough, I can relate to this a lot. As a really shy person myself, I’ve always wanted to have more confidence and stand out a bit more, but haven’t really been doing an outstanding job of accomplishing that goal. Though it’s a bit silly, one of the main reasons that I’m looking forward to college is because I see it as an opportunity to try and be that person I’ve always wanted to be because, like Yura, I’m afraid that I’ll never change. That said, I’m interested to see how Yura goes about accomplishing her goal. I doubt it will turn out be as glamours a journey as I’m kicking it up to be, but it should a heartwarming one nonetheless.

One of the other stand out things in the episode is the airsoft fight near the end. Though it was wasn’t necessarily super exciting, it twas surprisingly more interesting than I thought it would be. The girls used a bit of strategy (even if it ended up not working) and seeing how the the game played out in the end was neat. Though my initial reaction to the background music in the scene was that it didn’t fit very well, after re-watching the fight, I have to say, the jazzy track that played for the majority of the fight did complement it pretty well, and the faster paced piece at the end of the fight was also really enjoyable. I also really enjoyed the switch to a Ramob-esque (I think) costume design at the end of.

All in all, I’m surprisingly excited to see where the show goes from here. Admittedly, the only cast member I care about is Yura, so that might end up hindering my enjoyment later on if the rest of the cast fails to improve but I’m not passing judgement yet. The show probably won’t reach the heights I really want it to, but as long as Gainax doesn’t mess up too badly, I’m confident that  C3-bu will turn out to be a sweet show about about one’s girls growth into the person she wants to be…plus some neat airsoft fights.

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