Time for “FAL”ure


And so I, too, decided to jump on the FAL bandwagon and see how far my silly predictions will take me (probably not far). Since this is my first year doing FAL, I didn’t really put a whole lot of effort into picking the anime on my team besides a few quick checks on certain aspects of the show. My main purpose in joining is simply to see how far I’ll be by the end and to have a bit of fun along the way.

As I mentioned before, the selection process here wasn’t all that complicated, and I mainly relied on two factors when picking my anime: the number of favorites and the score. Both, I figured were good indicators for not only the amount of, I don’t want to say hype, but rather expectations right at the get go. Below are my choices as well as a quick explanation regarding why I chose them and how I think they’ll do. Without further ado,  I present my FAL players:

fal5Date A Live– If you’ve glanced at my season preview, you’ll find this pretty close to bottom of the list with equally low expectations. Despite my own prediction that this will turn out to be a crap show, it would appear that this has quite the following already with over 40 favorites which actually surprised me. Then again, there are boobs and action sequences. Though I may not be expecting anything from this, it would appear that the lovely folks over at MAL are already smitten with the show. It is these beautiful people that will hopefully keep up with the show and love what they see, giving me a shot at maybe doing well.

fal1Karneval – As the show with the second highest amount of favorites on my line up (25), I am expecting good things from this show  The manga has a pretty big following ( a lot of bishie-loving girls) who will probably tune in for the adaptation. As long as the adaptation doesn’t mess with the story too much and has pretty visuals, I’m betting that this will probably be a minor hit during the season. It could easily go down hill though, so this one is a bit of a gamble since I’m mostly banking on a specific group loving the show.

fal2Attack on Titan– How could I not put this on my FAL line-up? Not only has it released an absolutely fabulous first PV, but the source material has also been acknowledged as pretty good. The one thing that could potentially kill this show’s chances is too much hype itself. I’ve already seen some worry that the first episode might turn out great, but that the adaptation might fall on its face latter on with drops in animation quality, shoddy writing, etc. I want to remain foolishly optimistic though since almost all signs are pointing to this being an engaging adaptation.

fal4Gargantia on the Verdurous PlanetThe main reason I put this on my team is because of Urobuchi. His works tend to be well-received these days and I’m hoping the thousands of favorites he’s managed to garner with this last few anime are a good sign that people tend to watch and like his stuff. This also has 15 favorites right now, as well as a generally positive reaction to the first two episodes which have apparently been released for a while now. Lets hope Urobuchi will work some more magic here.

fal3Oregairu – This one is my first major gamble because I’m not too sure how this will do. It does have a slightly astounding 16 favorites already and from what I’ve read in the MAL forums, there are a lot of people looking forward to seeing the adaptation. This show could bomb pretty easily though, so I’m not expecting amazing results from this on my team, but it seems like a slightly safer bet than my bench anime.

Bench Anime

fal6The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat– This actually came pretty close to being apart of the main team, but I feel strangely nervous about this one. Technically it should be a hit of some sort with the pervert premise, rom-com set-up, and J.C. Staff animation. The main reason I stuck this here is because I feel like it has a pretty big chance of failing. If it turns out to be doing fabulously though, I can always switch something else out.

fal7Devil Survivor 2 The Animation– This ended up here, despite 13 favorites and a score of 8.48 on MAL, because it’s a video game adaptation which I’ve assumed is a generally risky. I’m actually expecting this to do mildly well and certainly have higher hopes for it than I do for “Hentai” Prince. On the off chance that Oregairu bombs, this will probably be the one that’ll end up replacing it.

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