2013 Manga Reading Challenge


As I’ve been sitting in bed sick with the flu, I’ve been contemplating joining this neat looking challenge for 2013, and today I finally decided to join!

The main reason I’ve decided to go ahead and give myself the OK to throw away countless hours of my life reading manga is because I really need to read more of the stuff. I think I’ve read a pitiful ~100 series with the majority of them being shoujo and around one or two volumes. Now, I’ve foolishly convinced myself, is the time to go out and man my Read List up a bit…Not to mention there’s also the added bonus of now being able to go through 2013 with one resolution that I actually have a hope of completing.

Since I’m feeling especially brave about my manga reading habits as of late (haha) I’m going to be stupid bold and set my goal at 250 volumes of manga with a minimum of 80 series of 2+ volume length buried in there as well. I’ll reviewing by series and arc (for any on-going manga I pick up) as a part of the challenge. Although I strongly suspect I may have just dug myself a great grave here, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to accomplish it…maybe…probably…

And so as I start my harrowing journey into the world of manga I give you….


I'm starting this off right

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