First Impressions: Amnesia- Ship Away, my friends, Ship Away


Ah~ Phyllis’ favorite face

*Since Heroine doesn’t have a name and I don’t want to refer to her as Heroine, I have, after great thought, picked out a name that I think fits her quite well: Phyllis.*

I did it! I watched the episode without falling asleep! This is a true feat, worthy of a yogurt cap medal because I swear, besides me trying to figure out who I liked best, nothing happened during this episode. In terms of boredom, I wasn’t as offended as I was by Problem Children, but still. I suppose a large part of the small amount of enjoyment I took from the episode stems almost completely from having read this really informative and fun post regarding the various routes in the otome game. Thanks to the article, I went in already have a basic knowledge of where the story could go and of what might potentially happen during the course of series depending on who she picks. This really helped me out in terms of trying to figure out which guy the show was likely to favor more in terms of future route.


Going back to the episode, it was mainly expository as it went through the motions of explaining Phyllis’ situation and introducing all the members of her lovely harem. The scenario goes a bit like this: Phyllis faints; she wakes up and realizes she has no idea who she is or what it going on; she sees this absolutely adorable spirit thing named Orion that has had the great misfortune of being attached to her soul in place of her AWOL memories and is supposed to help her get them back. He explains that she has to interact with those around her whom she had relationships with in order to gain back her memories or she’ll…uh…die. As you can see, she has a lot of options here when it comes to getting her memories back. The rest of the episode basically consists of her confused panic as she walks around trying to function in what she’s assuming is her day to day life, running into just about all of her lovely (and oddly dressed) bishie friends.


Since this horse has already been beaten to death by most already, I’ll just say that the name I gave Phyllis has more personality attached to it than she displayed the entire episode. I will cut her a bit of slack in the personality department though, since, theoretically, how can one have a stupendous personality if she can’t remember anything about herself. While I suppose I can sympathize with her initial panic and confusion as she realizes she knows absolutely nothing about herself of those around her, I did find it a bit annoying that she was about as interesting as a stick. Seriously, I mean, it’s hard to describe what a bland personality she had. She usually spoke in short, common phrases; had a tendency to stare blankly at nearly everyone; has no real opinions of her own; and went with what everyone around her said. Although I’d like to hope that she eventually grows a personality, the fact she had no lines in the game is hardly promising.


As I mentioned before, the most interesting part of the episode was getting a feel for guys presented and picking which ones I liked the best. Not only did the guys actually have some semblance of a personality, but seeing how the romance plays out depending on which guy she picks will probably be the best part of the show. The guys I grew to like, or at least want to see more of, were Ikki (the blue haired guy) and Ken (the guy with the glasses and excessive buckles). Ikki I mainly liked because, and this is pretty shallow, is really cute. He also was pretty nice to Phyllis. Ken I simply liked because he was kind of dorky and came off as a sweetie. As for Toma and Shin, I have a sneaking suspicion the show is going to lean towards their routes more. I don’t have anything against them (except you, Toma. I’d rather not see any cages), but my I’d rather see my own shipping wishes come true. As you can see, my picking standards are on the straight and narrow, as well as based on a variety of factors.


Despite the snooze fest premiere episode, I still want to say that I’m cautiously optimistic regarding the romance. After reading through the routes, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to get behind the one the show eventually decides to go with the exception of probably Toma’s. So, moral of the story? To ship is to have the most fun with Phyllis and her boys.


In case you’re wondering, this lovely fellow is indeed part of the harem.

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