First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba – So There’s this goat…

…and he sings the ED and does a cute little dance and that is why you should watch the show. Did I mention he eats money? No? Well he does.

Okay, so, in all honesty, I doubt this show actually appeals to that many people. Most of the initial reactions I saw gave me the impression that they weren’t exactly left gasping for air at the end of the premiere episode, and neither was I. However, I think the show is more entertaining than it’s given credit for. Sure the first episode has a lot of quick fire jokes that are either hit or miss, and the episode wasn’t too focused on developing any one of the jokes it threw at you. However, comedy is a really hard genre to judge in terms of mass appeal because everyone tends to have particular kinds of humor that they gravitate towards more than others. Therefore, a lot of the potential enjoyment you might reap from this show depends on if you like dumb humor that doesn’t really go anywhere with it’s jokes, but has a lot of them.


For me, the show works well. With my short attention span, I didn’t mind the rapid jokes that were thrown out. Joke development isn’t a major thing for me either, although I do appreciate it when it happens. Then again, my comedy standards are pretty low: As long as you don’t have a lot of pervy jokes and have okay delivery, you are a-okay in my book.

Taking a subjective look at what the show has presented me with so far it’s pretty mediocre. The jokes are quick and tend to fall on the slap stick side of the spectrum. The animation is a bit stiff and suffers a bit from a love of deformed character designs, especially when it comes to Inaba. The characters aren’t the funniest or most interesting ones to have been brought into creation and can come off as bland. In other words, there are better, funnier comedies out there.


In spite of it’s flaws, though, I still think Inaba is an entertaining little show. And that’s all it really comes down to for me when it comes to comedy anime. The characters may not be the best, but they’re certainly funny when they want to be.Valentino (the goat) is probably the character that I found to be consistently funny throughout the first episode, though I think I can chalk some of that up to the fact that he’s the most adorable thing that regularly ran around on screen. His assistant, Lorenzo, I thought was really funny to watch and the skit with the old fashioned gun and bad miasma had me laughing. Inaba, our furry detective assistant, has a few running jokes revolving around him, with the biggest one revolving around his hair fetish. He, along with his assistants, tend to flip flop for me in terms of how well their humor works, but they do get short bark laughs from me more often than not. I will say, though, that I think the hair jokes aren’t as funny as the ones going off of the character’s stupidity. Ogino, Inaba’s former partner, is a character I have a strange affinity for despite the fact his only major joke revolves around his obession with  great love for his daughter.


The sheer stupidity of the set-up (detectives running around to catch a goat; Werewolf who has a hair fetish and transforms) also helps in term of my enjoyment of the episode since I just sort of turn of my brain and let whatever comes wash over me. Do I really care about any semblance of a plot or proper set-up? Pfft, no. If I did, I’d probably go over and catch up on Ixion Saga or Gintama or some other comedy.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the first episode. Even after a day and the passing of the initial high, I can still look on the episode fondly and smile at some of the jokes. At an expected length of 12 episodes, I’m sure that it won’t be any great sacrifice on my part to sit down and have a laugh or two at a dumb werewolf and a silly goat every week.

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