First Impressions: Senyu: The Tale of Hero #45

Although Encouragement of Climb is a series that leaves me feeling like the show itself needs more, Senyu leaves me wanting more. As the short I was probably anticipating the most from, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Though most comedy shorts tend to be pretty hit and miss when it comes to their jokes, Senyu managed to pull of the majority of its jokes quite well. The entire episode, if I’m not mistaken, basically served to make for of the idea of the great descendant of the Hero and his grand journey to go defeat the great evil threatening the land; from the king’s uncertain trust that he probably has one of the hero’s descendants among the seventy five he gathered (including a Daruma), to the dramatized stills depicting epic battles only to jump to Alba fighting a simplified giraffe, each joke focused on mocking the typical view of a hero and his journey.

The characters themselves aren’t your typical hero duo. Unlike our spunky Hero in Maoyu, you don’t hear Alba going off about his duty to protect the people or how he is fighting for justice. Ros, even more so, with his nonchalant attitude, isn’t your usual hero helper, preferring to watch Alba fight on his own and make snarky comments afterwards in response to Alba’s complaints. The pair is enjoyable to watch and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of them and their quickfire banter.

Although pretty simplistic, the animation doesn’t detract from the series in any way, and, in some cases, the over simplification works in favor of the jokes. There are quite a few stick figure like designs running around during the episode, but, as a four minute short, isn’t as bothersome as it would be in a full blown twenty-four minute episode. The “monster” designs are especially comical to see since they’re more cute in appearance than menacing. Where’d those cool looking dragons from the stills go, huh? The animation style isn’t crappy at all, though, and is pretty clean and neat for the most part with nothing too elaborate or complicated to be found (minus those battle stills).

To say the least, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Senyu. Though not the most complex show, and not exactly Nichibros reborn, the show does provide its fair share of laughs, and that makes it a good comedy in my book. Hopefully, forthcoming episodes will be as much of a joy to watch and a good use of four minutes.

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