First Impressions: Encouragement of Climb (Yama no Susume)- Moe Mountain Climbing


Well, I’m a bit sad this is only going to be a bunch of 3 minutes shorts. However, I’m glad to see that the animation quality didn’t suffer too much. Despite having one or two really flat shots, the majority of the episode looked pretty nice for a three minute short. The shorts of the mountains, especially, were pretty to look at, and I can only hope that the animation manages to look as nice in future episodes.


Content-wise, the episode wasn’t anything mind blowing  It basically boiled down to cute girls prancing around the screen for three minutes. That’s not to say some semblance of a story was completely absent, though. The episode does a nice job of introducing our main characters Aoi and Hinata, as well as setting up the main conflict: Aoi has a fear of heights and Hinata is determined to go climb a mountain together again; nothing too complicated and easily told in several minute segments. Going off of the way the episode ended up playing out, I get the feeling the series will end up being like a single episode, except in segments, meaning the show will probably end with the two getting to the top of one, most likely, small mountain.


Though the episode wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it was still nice. Nothing too heavy or emotional will probably come from the series, so this will most likely turn into a short feel good series. Although it probably won’t be my favorite show of the season, I think Encouragement of Climb will turn out to be an enjoyable series of  short, sweet shorts about two girls rekindling their childhood friendship and Aoi’s (short) journey of overcoming her fear of heights.

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