Inu x Boku SS Special Final Thoughts


I tend to stay away from specials because they are usually random shorts, slice of life and comedic in nature, that I don’t particularly care about. However, I do watch the occasional special if I liked a series a lot and am looking for more. Although Inu x Boku SS isn’t my favorite series, the special didn’t look too bad and it looked like it had some more of the couple moments that I was so pleasantly surprised by in the series. This special follows the same type of format I described earlier (random, comedic, slice of life), but I found myself enjoying the little shorts and seeing some characters again that I genuinely liked in the series.

The special is one episode long and is made up of three short segments. One is exclusively about Miketsukami and Ririchiyo’s budding romance, while another involves the regulars from the T.V. series running around and poking each other to solicit responses, and the last one involves the cast playing house with the bartender’s kids. While all three had moments where Miketsukami would remind us that he and Ririchiyo had finally become a couple, the first short probably showcases this the best. He playfully teases her by switching between various forms, claiming he is trying to lessen her nervousness while he is obviously only doing it to tease her. I thought this was pretty cute and I found myself chuckling once or twice as Ririchiyo became more flustered. To be completely honest, I still think that these two are an unbelievably adorable couple and thoroughly enjoyed seeing them together.

The second short revolves around the silly responses each poked person has, ranging from “MANIAC!” to “Human Chamberpots.” Although all the responses had their own charm, I found Karuta and Watanuki’s interaction to be the cutest and Kagerou’s phrases to be the funniest. Although he annoyed me in the series, I found myself liking Kagerou’s eccentricity more here probably because he didn’t have enough screen time to annoy me with his constant S&M jokes. Watching this short, reminded me of the sort of quirky charisma the various members of the mansion had, as well as why I found them an entertaining bunch.

The third short introduced a new face, the bartender’s daughter, and together with her brother played house with several members of the mansion. This short, again, showcases the eccentricity of the cast as they all manage to somehow twist a simple game of house into something that is more along the lines of comedic soap opera.This was probably my least favorite short out of the three, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The humor didn’t quite click with me (probably because there was a little too much Nobara), but there were a few scenes that made me smile.

I suppose the best thing about this special, besides the couple moments, is how it managed to bring back some of my fonder memories of the series. The cast remains quirky, but they’re also a fun group, and I liked seeing them all again. Though not the funniest or most engaging, per say, this special brought back some nice memories and coaxed out a few laughs and indiscernible “awwww”s from me. It’s definitely an enjoyable little watch and I would recommend it to anyone who liked the series.

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