Three Broken Bones and Ten Knee Staples Later

Scroll on past if you don’t like sentimental posts (;__; sorry guys)

You see, I have atrocious luck, especially when it comes to walking and stupidly thinking I can finish annotating novels the day before they are due. I’ve broken three bones (elbow twice leaving a beautiful scar going up the length of my left arm and my right wrist once) throughout my sixteen years of life. I’ve once had a nosebleed so bad my teacher called me the next day to ask me if my nose was broken (it wasn’t). Oh, and this this past May I slipped down a dirt hill and jumped a mini wall, landing gracefully on my knee and earning me a glorious prize of ten staples. As for the annotating bit, I always end up thinking I finish annotating books the day before they are due, and then this year I realized that I can’t when I was up all night and still didn’t finish. Overall, my luck sucks…mainly due to my own stupidity, but that’s another topic all together.

Well, I think the Guy Upstairs realizes this sometimes and bestows me with amazing instances of luck and happiness. Examples would be that I am in a surrounded by people now who I can relate to and who can put up with me in my more…ungraceful moments, I have anime in my life (completely serious which probably says too much about my life in general T_T), and I actually have followers for this blog (;D). More recently, I was offered to join a blog by the name of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses as an anime reviewer, and I accepted. I almost feel like now I have something really terrible coming up to cancel out such an amazing stroke of luck. Aha…let’s hope not.

I started reading aniblogs a few years ago and always thought that having a blog was super cool because it looked cool, hence the eventual creation of this blog and my realization that it’s not all daisies and roses. Even now, though, I love reading aniblogs and creeping through browsing through their old posts since I think that I can learn something from reading their posts that will help me improve my writing. I’m also a simple person and like to read about people’s opinions. Honestly speaking, when I started this blog I would have been happy to have one like on one post, and maybe, if I’m super lucky, a follower or two. Well, now I have several liked posts and a few followers which is something that I’m super grateful for (Big thank-you to the people who follow me and read a post every now and then). Being a part of OASG now (and I am desperately hoping no one from there is reading this), is one of those things that I would never think to happen to someone like me, but oddly enough has. To not jinx it, I’ll just say that I’m really happy to be there and I hope that I can be a useful member.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though my luck sucks, I guess it pays off sometimes. All the blood, sweat, and tears were totally worth it, guys! T_T

So, on a quick note about posting from now on, my posts here will probably be fewer and more far in between than before since I’m going to try to pump out a review a week and be a good team blogger. However, I’m also planning to “spice” things up with a few more general posts that won’t be a “Final Thoughts” post or update post because I need to work on my sense of Internet humor, as you can all see.

9 thoughts on “Three Broken Bones and Ten Knee Staples Later

    • Nope.
      They actually used honest to God staples to patch me up. They even used a glorified staple remover to take them out. Believe me, I was shocked too.

      • ………….I guess I can’t comment further on that O.o

        Anyways, welcome to OASG, and thanks for writing this post. I promise not to use this post against you in any way, shape, or form.

        (totally is)

        • Hey, at least you know now that you don’t have to waste the $900+ dollars going to ER to have them stitch/staple, you can do it all yourself as long as you have a staple gun and some pliers. lol

          Haha, thank-you for the welcome and future assurance that I will someday rue the creation of this post.

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