Computer Kakumei (OVA)

Another OVA guys!

So, I basically just watched this because I was procrastinating on Bakuman again and saw this under AnimeSeason’s Recently Added Anime Section. Although the synopsis didn’t really help me when it came to figuring out what it would be about, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad use of ten minutes. Although the beginning of the OVA had me thinking it would be a little boring and unexpectedly slice of life, I found myself pleasantly surprised by it. I’ll admit it and say that I was thinking that this OVA would be focusing on a society dominated by computers in a negative way because I see that a lot when it comes to a society that has a large computer influence. However, this OVA had a pretty uplifting story. The technology talked about was being used for the good of humanity and in a way that would help people around the world. Heck, even the little food robots were cute and friendly looking. The only thing, I suppose that kind of creeped me out a little was that human service in places like fast food restaurants was almost, if not completely, eliminated. That just weirded me out a little. I also didn’t really understand the point of creating a computer/robot thing (?) that would go to school. Maybe to make a more human computer? Who knows. Anyhow, seeing the computer/robot guy at the end made me wish that there was more to the OVA so that I could find out more about him as well as what exactly the point of him was.

I really liked the hopeful tone of the show. By that, I mean, that there was a lot of emphasis on other people actively working to help others. I think the best example would be, the dad who decided to devote the last five years of his life to working on the earthquake detection device in order to make it more accurate and available to other countries. I lied the main character because she actually managed to develop a little and I liked how she was inspired by her father to try and go into a line of work that would benefit others.

I also liked the animation. The character designs were cute for the most part and there were a lot of bright colors.

Overall, this was an enjoyable little OVA that had me wishing for a little more. If you have an extra ten minutes, I would definitely say that you check it out.

Overall Score: 7/10

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