Nagareboshi Lens (OVA) Final Thoughts

The main reason I watched this OVA is because I’m a huge shoujo and romance fan. When I first started out watching anime, that is pretty much all I watched. For that reason, even though my standards are somewhat higher today and it takes a little more to impress me, I still have a soft spot in my heart for those fluffy, silly, sweet shoujo stories.

Nagareboshi Lens is an 18 minute OVA about a shoujo couple. That was basically the whole OVA in a nutshell. I’m completely serious. The impressive thing about this OVA is how it manages to fit just about every single shoujo stereotype (missed the usual bully bit, though) into 18 minutes. You had the spontaneous meeting, the instant spark of feelings, all the couple junk on campus, the usual questionable group of guys hitting on the girl, the big eyes, and sparkles…lots and lots of sparkles. This OVA had sparkles flying from the characters and corners of the screen about every two minutes, the only explanation for this being because, you know, love is so sparkly…

I actually did like the animation for this little OVA, putting aside the overuse of sparkles. It was a pleasant style that had a very shoujo manga feel to it. The colors in this series are very bright and colorful, befitting of a story about young love. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character designs, but I thought the chibis were absolutely adorable. I had two problems with the character designs for the guys. First of all, their eyes were really big. I understand that it’s something that depends on the mangaka and that a lot of shoujo guys have big eyes, but I just thought that their eyes were too big. Big eyes only tend to really work on guys on paper, in my opinion. My other problem was the guy character designs just weren’t that great. I didn’t think they were that attractive. Again, that’s just a personal preference when it comes to my shoujo character designs.

As for the characters, they weren’t really anything new. The girl was your usual shoujo heroine who is caught up in flurries of her first love. The guy was your usual shoujo hero who was the coolest guy on campus with a piercing or two to solidify his status. They meet in a school hallway after he shatters a window that would have probably seriously injured her, had she not been inches away. They fall deeply in love, but their love is innocent and pure. The story, though your typical shoujo, is still a cute little show that I would definitely recommend if you like the generic shoujo fluff.

Overall Score: 5/10 (Nothing really stood out here. It was your all around typical shoujo)

I have a question for anyone who’s reading the manga: How much is there actually to this series? It seemed like this OVA went through the whole shoujo shebang, so does the manga just continue with the same sort of stuff that they did in the OVA or is there more?

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